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Sep 24
1:20 PM
3:00 PM
Offshore Structures
Numerical & Experimental Study on the Steel-Concrete Connection for Supporting Structure of Current Power System
Kwanghoe Jung
Water City as a Solution to the Escalating Sea Level Rise
Toshio Nakajima
Comparison of wave characteristic due to hybrid substructures for offshore wind turbines
Min-Su Park
Development of a VIV observation method of rotating drill pipe using accelerometers
Zengo Yoshida
Array Signal Processing and Array Design 1
An Ultrasonic Phased-Array Sensor to Measure the Velocity Profile of Open Channels
Manuel Haide
The Subarray MVDR Beamformer for Active Littoral Sonar Systems
Leverett Bezanson
Distributed Network of Underwater Sensors Based on Local Time-Frequency Coherence Analysis
Cornel Ioana
Beamforming for Wireless Communications Between Buoys
Bin Zhang
Design of Robust Superdirective Beamformer for Circular Sensor Arrays
Yong Wang
Sonar Imaging 1
Application of High Resolution Scanning Sonar with Multi Legged Underwater Robot
Hyuk Baek
Studying seafloor bedforms using autonomous stationary imaging and profiling sonars.
Ellyn Montgomery
Comparison of Feature Detection Techniques for AUV Navigation Along a Trained Route
Andrew Vardy
Underwater 2-D Sector-Scan Imaging Using MIMO Sonar with Narrowband LFM Pulses
Chao Sun
Interpretation of VHF radar echoes from a complex flow field
Malcolm Heron
Improvement of Surface Current Measurements with Spectra Reprocessing for 13 MHz SeaSonde Systems
Colin Evans
Determination of Phase difference of Backscatter Signals from Coherent-on-Receive Microwave Marine Radar for Wave Measurement
Hwa Chien
Coincident, High Resolution Measurements of Ocean Surface Rain in Support of Improved Ascat-Retrieved Winds
David Weissman
Interpolated swell fields from SAR measurements
René Garello
Geoacoustic Inversion
Statistical characterization of weak scattering fields with inverse methods
Angeliki Xenaki
Passive Fathometry in Australian Water
Md Jahangir Alam
Validation of an Inversion Scheme for Shear Wave Speed Using Scholte Wave Dispersion
Jennifer Giard
Rapid Determination of Seafloor Acoustic Reflectivity by Exploiting Frequency Variability within Striations Data
Adrian Jones
Synthetic aperture geoacoustic inversion in the presence of radial velocity and acceleration dynamics
Bien Aik Tan
AUV Design
Development of Hovering Type AUV 'Cyclops' for Precision Observation
Juhyun Pyo
An Extensible Networking Architecture for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Ricardo Martins
An Un-Tethered ROV for Routine Access and Intervention in the Deep Sea
Andy Bowen
Biological Inspired System for Localization and Mapping in Underwater Environments
Felipe Moraes
Design of an Autonomous Under-Ice Exploration System
Marc Hildebrandt
Sep 24
1:20 PM
3:00 PM
PacX Challenge: Fostering Scientific Discoveries Across the Pacific
International Business Special Session: Improve Your Global Market Position with US Government Resources
Marine Spatial Planning- Why Here? Why Now?
AUV Control and Simulation 1
Real-Time Dynamic Model Learning and Adaptation for Underwater Vehicles
Noel Du Toit
Learned Anticipation Strategy for Speed Control in an AUV Fleet
Dean Edwards
A Simulator for Underwater Human-Robot Interaction Scenarios
Kevin DeMarco
Multi-AUVs Formation Control with Acoustic Communication Constraints
Hongli Xu
Marine Life and Ecosystems
Ocean Sunfish in Canadian Pacific waters: Summer Hotspot for a Jelly-eating Giant?
TIerney Thys
Development and Sea Trials of a New Camera-Based Assessment Survey System for Reef Fish Stocks Assessment
Chad Lembke
xFOCE An Open Source Multi-Disciplinary Resource for In-Situ Ocean Acidification Research
Farley Shane
Secure seafloor container CO2 storage
Mark Capron
Development of air-lifted artificial upwelling powered by wave
Ge Han
Current Measurement Technology 1
Adapting to Technology Advances and End of Life Announcements for Current Measurement Technologies
Albert Williams
A new long range current profiler
Atle Lohrmann
Airborne optical remote sensing of ocean currents.
Steven Anderson
Turbulence and Drag in a High Reynolds Number Tidal Passage Targeted for In-Stream Tidal Power Development
Alex Hay
An Investigation of the Accuracy of Current Profile Measurements from a Glider-Mounted ADCP Operating in Shallow Water
Jerry Mullison
Sep 24
1:20 PM
3:00 PM
Optical Sensors and Instrumentation
Comparison of Measured and Theoretical Scattering and Polarization Properties of Narrow Size Range Irregular Sediment Particles
Wayne Slade
New compact wide-area, high-resolution, IR sensor for UAV platforms
Clayton Chinn
The Driftcam: A Buoyancy Controlled Pelagic Camera Trap
Eric Berkenpas
Characterization of wavefront aberration in laser beam propagating over saline water and sands
Songsong Zhu
Development of an In Situ Raman Spectrometer for Measurement of Sediment Pore Water Geochemistry in a High-pressure Reaction Cell
Xin Zhang
Student Posters
Resource assessment of large marine current turbine arrays (130524-001)
Mr. Daniel Coles
On the Performance of Underwater Communication System in Noise with Gaussian Mixture Statistics (130520-003)
Ms. Sharbari Banerjee
Brushless DC motor control system based on submarine hybrid transmission technology (130520-001)
Mr. Wen Liu
Localization of a sound source: optimal positioning of sensors carried on autonomous surface vehicles (130517-044)
Mr. Bruno Ferreira
Reconstructing surface wave profiles from forward scattered acoustic pulses (130517-042)
Mr. Sean Walstead
Mosaics For Burrow Detection in Underwater Surveillance Video (130509-003)
Mr. Ken Sooknanan
Planning Efficient Paths through Dynamic Flow Fields in Real World Domains (130504-009)
Mr. Christopher Tomaszewski
Range Limitations on Acoustic Adjoint Inversions (130503-246)
Mr. Edward Richards
Forward-Look 2-D Sonar Image Formation and 3-D Reconstruction (130503-245)
Murat Aykin
Investigation of Long-Pulse Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for Analysis of the Composition of Rock and Sediment Samples Submerged in Seawater (130503-233)
Ms. Tomoko Takahashi
Oil Droplet Fate in the Gulf of Mexico (130503-222)
Eric Piper
A Novel Blending Technique for Two-Dimensional Forward-Looking Sonar Mosaicing (130503-206)
Ms. Natalia Hurtos
Direct Measurements of Sediment Response to Waves with "Smart Sediment Grains" (130503-165)
Ms. Donya Frank
An extension of maximal marginal diversity based feature selection applied to underwater acoustic data (130503-094)
Mr. Samir Ouelha
Development of the three-dimensional visualization method for the inner structure of small size fish using 25 MHz acoustic profile measurement (130503-086)
Masaru Nagaso
Sum-Bottom Synthetic Aperture Sonar in Robust Circumstances (130503-026)
Mr. Akihisa Fukami
The Research on the Coverage Area of Multistatic Sonar under Various Work Modes (130427-003)
Mr. Jia Lu
A 532 nm Chaotic Lidar Transmitter for High Resolution Underwater Ranging and Imaging (130423-002)
Mr. Luke Rumbaugh
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Sep 24
3:30 PM
4:50 PM
Deepwater Development Technology and Seafloor Engineering
Technical Overview of a Safe, Configurable, Pressure Tolerant, Subsea LI-ION Battery System for Oil and Gas Deepwater Fields
Leon Adams
Deepwater Technology for Oceanic Natural Gas Hydrate
Michael Max
Safety & Reliability Capabilities of Lithium-Ion Battery Systems for Subsea Applications That Use Autonomous Lithium-Ion Battery Modules
David White
Simulating the Environmental Impact of Tidal Turbines on the Seabed
Lada Vybulkova
Array Signal Processing and Array Design 2
Robust Mode Space Supergain Beamforming for Circular Array Against Unknown Mismatch
YuKang Liu
Experimental Study on Robust Supergain Beamforming for Conformal Vector Arrays
Yixin Yang
Sonar Imaging 2
Guided block matching for sonar image registration using unsupervised Kohonen neural networks
Minh Tân Pham
Development of Image Sonar Simulator for Underwater Object Recognition
Jeong-Hwe Gu
Real-Time Image Processing and Mapping Algorithm for Forward-looking Obstacle Avoidance Sonar of AUV
Hongli Xu
An Effective Presentation of Navigation Information for Prevention of Maritime Disaster Using AIS and 3D-GIS
Xinjia Gao
Remote Sensing
Breaking Waves Effects on Scatterometer and Radiometer Signatures of the Ocean
William Plant
Enhanced hybrid lidar-radar ranging technique
David Illig
Impacts of Rainfall on Aquarius Sea Surface Salinity Measurements
Hamideh Ebrahimi
Monitoring bio-physical coupling in the open Gulf of Mexico using an integrated satellite sensor approach
Katharine Woodard
Marine Archaeology
Tools and techniques for underwater archaeological sites documentation
Laura Sorbi
Hybrid Robot Crawler/Flyer for use in Underwater Archaeology
Stephen Wood
A Convenient Testbed for Applying Marine Technology to Shipwreck Investigations and a Tool for Contagious STEM Focused Education in Marine Exploration and Research
Douglas Levin
Investigation and Imaging of Archeological Sites by Manned Submersible
Stockton Rush
AUV Performance
Maneuvering Performance of a Four-Fin Bio-Inspired UUV
Jason Geder
Dives of cruising-AUV "Jinbei" to methane hydrate area in Joetsu knoll
Takeshi Nakatani
A tracking control method of ASV following AUV
Daxiong Ji
Demonstration of Wireless Data Harvesting from a Subsea Node Using a "Ship of Opportunity"
Norman Farr
Sep 24
3:30 PM
4:50 PM
NOAA Town Hall on Interagency Ocean Exploration and Research Technology
Technology Transfer and Commercialization
Lightning Talks: Marine Technology Innovation in the Pacific
AUV Control and Simulation 2
Modeling and simulation of an AUV-towfish system
Karl von Ellenrieder
Underwater Pipeline Detection and Following of AUV Based on the Optic Vision
Tiedong Zhang
Sliding Mode Control Under Wave Disturbances for an AUV Using Nonlinear Observer Method
Zheping Yan
Spectral Changes in Snapping Shrimp Sounds between Dusk and Dawn
Tyler Hee Wai
Characterization of Sperm Whale Vocalization Energy Based on Echolocation Signals
Hannan Lohrasbipeydeh
Automatic discrimination and detection of small calf Ganges river dolphin (Platanista gangetica) from other age groups based on bio-sonar inter-click interval characteristics
Harumi Sugimatsu
Signal kurtosis as a predictor of biological impacts from noise exposure
Michael Stocker
Current Measurement Technology 2
Development of a Second-Generation Ice Tethered Profiler with Velocity Sensor
Fredrik Thwaites
Influence of Turbulent Flow Field on Power Generation
Armin Hamta
Determination of stream discharge, hydrodynamics and sediment transport variation at the estuarine section of the Hudson River and Estuary, NY
Mohammad Islam
Sep 24
3:30 PM
4:50 PM
Holography and 3D Imaging
Calibration of an underwater stereoscopic vision system
Taufiqur Rahman
Back Projection Algorithm for Line Structured Light Extraction
Alexander Duda
Wide Area 3D Seafloor Reconstruction and its Application to Sea Fauna Density Mapping
Adrian Bodenmann
Characteristics of 3D structures of ADCP echo intensity anomaly observed over hydrothermal vent fields of the Snail, Archean and Pika in the South Mariana Trough
Kanae Komaki
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Sep 25
8:20 AM
10:00 AM
Buoy Technology 1
A Study of DATA Logging System and the Southern Ocean buoy's Motion
Junichiro Tahara
A System for Correcting ADCP Heading on Moorings at High Latitudes
Andreas Marouchos
Application of Subsea Wireless Technology to Environmental Monitoring
Amanda Collins
Hydrodynamic Response Behavior of Ribbon Fairing in Uniform Flows
John Niedzwecki
Sonar Signal Processing 1
Homing an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Equipped with a DUSBL to an Unmanned Surface Platform: A Feasibility Study
Mario Miranda
A blind denoising process with applications to underwater acoustic signals
Philippe Courmontagne
An Acoustic Simulation Approach for Testing ADCP
Ma Long
Acoustic Imaging and Target Detection
Multi-Detect Algorithm for Multibeam Sonar Data
Jesper Christoffersen
Generation of Anaglyph using High Resolution Acoustic Images
Jin-Yeong Park
OS-CFAR detection of targets in the water column and on the seafloor with a multibeam echosounder
Christian de Moustier
Pipeline detection system from acoustic images utilizing CA-CFAR
Gerardo Acosta
Object Detection with Sector Scanning Sonar
Jee Loong Chew
Systems and Observatories 1
Tethys: A workbench and database for passive acoustic metadata
Marie Roch
Measuring underwater noise with high endurance surface and underwater autonomous vehicles
Anibal Matos
The Pier Portal - a Web Controlled Underwater Profiling Camera
Aaron Jen
Deployment of an In-situ pH Calibrator on MARS Cabled Ocean Observatory
Chunyang Tan
A Test System for Cabled Ocean Observatories
Can-jun Yang
Automatic Control
Variable-Structure PID Controller with Anti-windup for autonomous underwater vehicle
Minsung Kim
Adaptive Speed Control for Autonomous Surface Vessels
Sean Kragelund
Forward Speed Control of a Pulsed-Jet Soft-Bodied Underwater Vehicle
Michele Giorelli
Controller Design and Simulation of a Waterjet Propelled Unmanned Surface Vehicle with Uncertain Drag and Mass Properties
Wilhelm Klinger
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Based Ship Control System for Path Following
Yuanhui Wang
Microradiometers: Hybrid Instrument Building Blocks for Next-Generation Ocean Color Instruments
Stanford Hooker
AUV Autonomy 1: Pandora
Planning Inspection Tasks for AUVs
Michael Cashmore
Facilitating Cooperative AUV Missions: Experimental Results with an Acoustic Knowledge-Sharing Framework
Zeyn Saigol
Contact State Estimation using Machine Learning
Nawid Jamali
Pose-based and Velocity-based Approaches to Autonomous Inspection of Subsea Structures
Francesco Maurelli
TRIDENT: An European Project Targeted to Increase the Autonomy Levels for Underwater Intervention Missions
Pedro J Sanz
Sep 25
8:20 AM
10:00 AM
Ultra-Deep Ocean Science and Enabling Technology: Overview
Why Should We Care About the Bottom of the Ocean?
Patricia Fryer
A Look at the History of Deep Ocean Exploration
Robert Wernli
Underwater Simulator for Robotics Applications in High Depths
Felipe Moraes
Deep Water Instrument for Microbial Identification, Quantification, and Archiving
Douglas Pargett
Microbial Life in the Ultra Deep Depths
Douglas Bartlett
The Blue Economy- The Great Unknown
Analysis, Management, and Distribution of Georeferenced Oceanographic Data
Ocean Energy: Wave Power
Circular-Slide Wave Energy Converter in Random Waves
Donald DelBalzo
Hybrid Resonant Wave Energy Harvesting Buoy for Sensor Applications
Douglas Gemme
Highwave Off-Shore Energy: HOSE 2
Gary Ross
Up-wave surface elevation for smooth hydrodynamic control of wave energy conversion in irregular waves
Umesh Korde
The Seaspoon: an innovative Wave Energy Converter
Lorenzo Di Fresco
Information Management and Data Assimilation
SeaScribe: An annotation software for ROV dive operations
Reyna Jenkyns
OGC Sensor Web Enablement Compliance for Ocean Networks Canada Scalar Data
Benoit Pirenne
A Metadata-Driven Management System for Numerical Modeling
Christoph Wosniok
SPLASSH (Student Programs Like Aquatic Science Sampling Headquarters A Socially Driven Platform About Water.
Lisa Adams
Turbulence modelling using 3DVAR data assimilation in laboratory conditions
Agnieszka Olbert
Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors 1
Undersea Electronics Powered by Large Surface Area Benthic Microbial Fuel Cells
Lewis Hsu
Sensors and Acoustic Modems Powered by Benthic Microbial Fuel Cells at the MARS Observatory
Paul Schrader
NOAA's Recent Field Testing of Coastal Water Quality Monitoring Systems--Quantifying Impacts of Biofouling and Investigating Chloride Measurement Techniques
Grace Gray
Design of Data Fusion Algorithm of 10-DOF MEMS-IMU for Underwater Sensors
Yixuan Gao
Sep 25
8:20 AM
10:00 AM
Imaging and Vision 1
Groundtruth system for underwater benchmarking
Alfredo Martins
Wide Field-of-View Daytime Fluorescence Imaging of Coral Reefs
Tali Treibitz
Underwater Augmented Reality: Navigation and Identification
Hunter Brown
Design of stinger video monitoring system on deepwater pipe-laying ship
Jie Zheng
3D Reconstruction Model of Underwater Environment in Stereo Vision System
Rui Nian
Posters 1
Evaluating the Performance of MODIS FLH Ocean Color Algorithm in Detecting the Harmful Algae Blooms in the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman
Maryam Al Shehhi
Use of Reference Materials for Nutrients in Seawater and Comparability of Nutrients in the World's Oceans
Susan Becker
Structural safety and design requirement of CFMP based offshore wind substructure system
Youn-Ju Jeong
Simulation and Stability Analysis of the 200-ROV in the Absence of One Thruster
Junliang Cao
Time Frequency Analysis of Underwater Ambient Noise in Tropical Littoral Waters
Rajveer Shastri
Experimental results of a low cost weather buoy
Vincenzo Franzitta
Cooperation and collision avoidance for multiple DP ships with disturbances
Yujie Xu
Burst mode hybrid spread spectrum technology for covert acoustic communication
Feng Zhou
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Sep 25
10:30 AM
11:50 AM
Buoy Technology 2
Recovery of an ice buoy at 60 °S in the Southern Ocean
Shoichiro Baba
Developement and Mooring of the Brazilian ATLAS-B Buoy Project
Rick Cole
Wave Buoy Data Analysis in the Delaware Bay
Hunter Brown
Sonar Signal Processing 2
Multi-Sonar Adaptive Target Detection using the Sphericity Test
Mahmood Azimi-Sadjadi
Spectral Estimation of Cavitation Related Narrow-Band Ship Radiated Noise Based on Fractional Lower Order Statistics and Multiple Signal Classification
Umut Firat
Robust source localization using predictable mode subspace in uncertain shallow ocean environment
Zongwei Liu
Adaptive Filter Design for Suppressing the Moving Surface Interferences in Optic-acoustic Remote Sensing
Wen Xu
Acoustic Telemetry and Communication 1
Multi-Octave High-Frequency Hydro-Acoustic Communication
Craig Benson
Coherent reception of M-ary orthogonal spread spectrum acoustic communications at very low SNR in shallow water environments.
Paul Gendron
TOPICS: A Modular Software Architecture for High-Latency Communication Channels
Chris Murphy
Dynamic Joint Network-Channel Coded Cooperation for Underwater Data Collection
Zhaotong Zhu
Systems and Observatories 2
Instrument task-driven workflow software for cruise and maintenance operations
Reyna Jenkyns
Hovering Type AUV "Tuna-Sand" and Its Surveys on Smith Caldera in Izu-Ogasawara Ocean Area
Yuya Nishida
Commissioning of a System that Terminates on the Seafloor
Peter Yinger
The Design Prototype of Shore-side Data Management and Service System of Ocean Observing System in South China Sea
Xiaogang Ouyang
Glider Technologies
Long-range glider localization using broadband acoustic signals and a linearized model of glider motion
Lora Van Uffelen
Multi-Channel Acoustic Data Acquisition and Telemetry on an Autonomous Vehicle for Marine Mammal Monitoring
Harold Cheyne
Ocean gliders payloads for persistent maritime surveillance and monitoring
Alain Maguer
AUV Autonomy 2
GRASPER: HIL Simulation Towards Autonomous Manipulation of an Underwater Panel in a Permanent Observatory
Pedro J Sanz
On-line Learning for Coping with Thruster Failures on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Petar Kormushev
Probabilistic Approaches in Ontologies: Joining Semantics and Uncertainty for AUV Persistent Autonomy
Francesco Maurelli
Towards Improved AUV Control Through Learning of Periodic Signals
Petar Kormushev
Sep 25
10:30 AM
11:50 AM
Ultra-Deep Ocean Science and Enabling Technology: Science Opportunities
Hadal Landers: the DEEPSEA CHALLENGE Ocean Trench Free Vehicles
Kevin Hardy
Lander Science, Outside the Ball: the View from the DEEPSEA CHALLENGE Landers and Submersible
Natalya Gallo
Deep Sea Challenger Next Steps
Anthony Tarantino
7000-m Jiaolong manned submersible and China
Xianpeng Shi
The Importance of Maritime Technology Clusters
Students at Sea
Ocean Energy: Power Conversion
Design and Optimization of a 8kW Linear Generator for a Direct-Drive Point Absorber
Jaeseung Kim
Electromechanical Emulation of Hydrokinetic Generators for Renewable Energy Research
Jason Neely
Separating and Reattaching Microbial Fuel Cell on Sediment Bottom
Lewis Hsu
Numerical Modeling and Simulation 1
Principal Component Analysis on Horizontal Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers Measurement
Tuy Phan
Spatial evaluation of high-resolution modeled offshore winds using estimated winds derived from a network of HF radars
Greg Seroka
High Performance Regional Ocean Modeling with GPU Acceleration
Chris Lupo
Numerical Simulations of Island Wakes Downstream Green Island, Taiwan Due to Passing of Kuroshio
Shin-Jye Liang
Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors 2
Designing an Underwater Sensor Node for Ocean Monitoring
Luiz Vieira
Design and Applications of a Vertical Beam in Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers
Paul Wanis
Profiling from 6000 meter with the Deep Apex Float
Ernest Petzrick
A Multi-Channel Data Logger of In-situ Chemical Sensors for Cabled Seafloor Observatories
Letian Xu
Sep 25
10:30 AM
11:50 AM
Imaging and Vision 2
Field experiments for marine casualty detection with autonomous surface vehicles
Alfredo Martins
Geographical Mosaicking of Seafloor Images Acquired by an AUV
Max Woolsey
Detection of Objects and Their Shadows from Acoustic Images of the Sea Floor
Alexandra Branzan Albu
Underwater image color correct in extremely poor visibility
Bing Zheng
Posters 2
Rheological Behavior of Flocculated Suspensions of Artificial Marine Cohesive Sediment
Priyanthi Amarasinghe
Robust Control of Oscillating Water Column (OWC) Devices: Power Generation Improvement
Aitor Garrido
Development a System for Counting Marine Species in Ballast Water
Jung-Yeul Jung
SCKF-MEFPDAF for underwater single observer bearings-only target tracking in clutter
Kaizhou Liu
Temporal variations of acoustic propagation in the strong tidal zone, Yellow Sea in the Northwest Pacific
Suntaek Oh
Methods of Associating CODAR SeaSonde Vessel Detection Data into Unique Tracks
Michael Smith
Geological Characterization of Co-rich Ferromaganese Crusts over the Northwestern Pacific Seamounts
Akira Usui
An Investigation into ROV based Tracking of a Shallow Water Nocturnal Squid
Samuel Yim
The Union of Time Reverse and Turbo Equalization On underwater Acoustic Communication
Yanbo Wu
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Sep 25
1:20 PM
3:00 PM
Cables and Connectors
Essential Design and Risk Management for a Next Generation Ocean Dry Mate Connector
David Jenkins
Non-Contact Wet Mateable Connectors for Power and Data Transmission
Rich Granger
Cathodic Debonding of Undersea Electronic Cable Connectors: Delamination Kinetics When Primers and Encapsulants are Bonded Directly to Bare Metal Connector Backshells
Thomas Ramotowski
Extending Ethernet Reach for Instruments Used in Subsea Observatories
Richard Jones
Sonar Signal Processing 3
Sand Ripple Characterization using an extended Synthetic Aperture Sonar model and MCMC Sampling Methods
Alina Zare
Velocity Measurement by Symbiotic Combination of Conventional and Coherent Doppler Sonars
Peng Liu
Research of Interacting Multiple Model Particle Filter Based on Passive Multi-Sonar
Jia Lu
Track Analysis and Design for Ultra Short Baseline Installation Error Calibration
Zhao Li
Acoustic Telemetry and Communication 2
A Study on Remote Data Retrieval Strategies in Underwater Acoustic Networks
Paolo Casari
Modeling the Effect of Bubble Plumes on High Frequency Acoustic Propagation in Shallow Water
Qinqing Zhang
Application of Turbo Equalization in PPC Underwater Acoustic Communication
Bo Peng
Synchronization and Doppler scale estimation with dual PN padding TDS-OFDM for underwater acoustic communication
Zhenrui Chen
Systems and Observatories 3
Assessing the design of the NSW-IMOS Moored Observation Array from 2008-2013: Recommendations for the future
Moninya Roughan
Deep Profiler for the Ocean Observatories Initiative Regional Scale Nodes: Rechargeable, Adaptive, ROV Serviceable
Michael Mathewson
Long Island Sound Testbed and Experiments
Jun-Hong Cui
Design of an Undersea Power System for the East China Sea Experimental Cabled Seafloor Observatory
Feng Lu
Glider Missions
Glider Operations in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico: The Design and Implementation of a Glider Network at Texas A&M University
Ruth Mullins-Perry
Initial Investigation of the North East Pacific Salmon Feeding Waters with Slocum Gliders
John Bird
The Challenger Glider Mission: A Global Ocean Predictive Skill Assessment
Scott Glenn
Observations of Hurricane Sandy from a Glider Mounted Aquadopp Current Profiler
Travis Miles
Gliders in the Gulf of Mexico: Building Towards An Operational and Integrated Observing System in the Gulf of Mexico
Ruth Mullins-Perry
AUV Autonomy 3
Distributed Software System Architecture for Autonomous Launch and Recovery System of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Sagar Pai
Task Consensus among a Team of Heterogeneous AUVs under Intermittent Communication
James Delande
Intelligent Autonomy for Collaborative Intervention Missions of Unmanned Maritime Vehicles
Carlos Insaurralde
Simultaneous Operation of Heterogeneous AUVs
Max Woolsey
Online Path Planning of Unmanned Surface Vehicles Based on MILP
Hongli Xu
Sep 25
1:20 PM
3:00 PM
Ultra-Deep Ocean Science and Enabling Technology: Vehicles and Payloads
Deep Water MiniROVs and Delivery Systems
Cyril Poissonnet
Operations to 11,000m: Nereus Ceramic Housings Design and Analysis
Glenn McDonald
"Nereus and the 2013 exploration of the Cayman Trench"
Andy Bowen
ALVIN Upgrades/2013 edition
Anthony Tarantino
International Business Special Session: Technology Innovation to Operate Effectively in the Arctic
Wet Diving in the Industrial and Scientific Shallows
Ocean Energy: Tidal Power
"Backflow Preventer;" Exploiting Patterns of Separated Flow to Increase Power in an Enclosed Hydropower
George McBride
Life-Oriented Control of Tidal Power Generation
Zhibing Zhao
Motion of Twin type Ocean Current Turbine at the time of startup and accident
Takaaki Gonoji
Near Wake Measurements of a Model Horizontal Axis Marine Current Turbine under Steady and Unsteady Inflow Conditions
Max Benthem
Performance gain of a horizontal axis hydrokinetic turbine using shroud
Mohammad Shahsavarifard
Numerical Modeling and Simulation 2
ROPAX: Exploring the Use of Simulation as Decision Support System
Mariusz Balaban
Options for real-time storm tide forecasting for emergency management in Queensland, Australia
Joanna Burston
Application of Numerical Ship Navigation in Coastal Area
Chen Chen
An Advanced Channel Framework for Improved Underwater Acoustic Network Simulations
Michael Zuba
Study Of Electromagnetic Scattering From Sea Surface Contaminated by Oil Using The Forward-Backward Method
Helmi Ghanmi
Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors 3
Open Source Instrumentation Nodes for the Greater Oceanographic Community
Bill Kirkwood
A new approach to real-time acoustic oceanographic measurements: Digital hydrophones integrated with oceanographic sensor
Alain Maguer
CDIP, Quality Control Challenges
Julianna Thomas
A System for Remote Access to Deployed Source and Receive Acoustic Arrays
William Hodgkiss
An aperture online measuring system of ice shelf hot-drilling based on magnetic induction
Jie Zheng
Sep 25
1:20 PM
3:00 PM
Imaging and Vision 3
Thermographic and Visible Spectrum Camera Calibration for Marine Robotic Target Detection
Alfredo Martins
Detection of Stationary Animals in Deep-Sea Video
Alexandra Branzan Albu
3-D Object Modeling from Occluding Contours in Opti-Acoustic Stereo Images
Shahriar Negahdaripour
A Link Budget Approach to Specifying Lights and Cameras for Underwater Applications
James Broesch
New approach for underwater image denoising combining inhomogeneous illumination and dark channel prior
Bing Zheng
Posters 3
A Numerical Study on the Wind Effect on the Oil Containment by Boom
Kwangu Kang
Obtaining shape information of marine microorganisms using polarized-light scattering
An Underwater Acoustic Communication Scheme with Inherent Scale Diversity for Multiple Users
Meng Zhou
Using a Transverse Marine Gradiometer (TVG) as Submarine Pipeline Location Tool
Mikhail Tchernychev
Improved Performance of an Underwater Glider with Passively Rotatable Wings
Yu Xie
Research on Sand Dumping Detection Based on Sound Absorption in Seawater
Hua-Bin Chen
Experimental assessment of a multiple sequence direct sequence spread spectrum (MS-DSSS) underwater acoustic communication scheme
Feng Zhou
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Sep 25
3:30 PM
4:50 PM
Ropes and Tension Members
Evaluation of Wire-Lay Nylon Mooring Lines in a Wave Energy Device Field Trial
Andrew Varney
Mooring and Power Cable System for Current-Turbine
Masao Shibata
On the Origin of Lifetime Extension for HMPE Ropes in Bending Operations
Marcel Meuwissen
Cordage Institute Guidelines for Marine Grade Nylon and Polyester Rope-Making Yarns
John Flory
Biologically Inspired Processing
Calibration Schema for a Long-Range, Fishery-Research Side Scan Sonar
Lloyd Huff
A New Signaling Scheme for Underwater Acoustic Communications
Ahmad ElMoslimany
Biologically inspired covert underwater acoustic communication using high frequency dolphin clicks
Songzuo Liu
Acoustic Telemetry and Communication 3
Maritime Channel Modeling and Simulation for Efficient Wideband Communications between Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles
Kelly Griendling
Study of Single-Carrier Coherent High-speed Underwater Acoustic Communication
Xiaoyi Hu
Study of Class-D Power Amplifiers for Underwater Acoustic OFDM Transmissions
Shengli Zhou
Systems and Observatories 4
Data Driven Modling for Acoustic Undersea Collaborative Navigation
Douglas Horner
Data Transmission & Electrical Powering Flexibility for Cabled Ocean Observatories
Robert Thomas
Development of an Adaptable Monitoring Package for Marine Renewable Energy
James Joslin
Efforts on developing the technologies of abyssal cabled observatory in China
Bo Jin
Glider Data
Sparse Glider Datasets: A Case Study for NoSQL Databases
Michael Lindemuth
Crowd-Sourced Autonomy for Persistent Ocean Monitoring
Jnaneshwar Das
Performance of pumped and un-pumped CTDs in an underwater glider
Alain Maguer
Motion Simulator for an Underwater Glider for Long-term Virtual Mooring
Kenichi Asakawa
AUV Autonomy 4
A Path Planning System for Autonomous Launch and Recovery System of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Shailabh Suman
Mission Control of AUV for Terrain Survey Using Discrete Event System Theory
Zheping Yan
A high-precision position and attitude measurement sonar for submarine docking
Dajun sun
Trajectory Planning and Following for Industrial Underwater Manipulators
Achint Aggarwal
Sep 25
3:30 PM
4:50 PM
Research and Technology Needs for Stewardship of the Deep Sea
Building Successful Inter-Sector Partnerships with the National Oceanographic Partnership Program (NOPP)
Coastal Zone Management and Policy
Evaluation of Coastal Vulnerability with Mobile Laser Scanning from a Vessel
Todd Mitchell
The Use of Geographic Information Systems to Assess the Compliance of Ballast Water Management for Commercial Ships Operating in California
Christopher Brown
Hull husbandry practices and biofouling management of vessels operating in California
Chris Scianni
A Study on the Evironmental Impact Assessment of the Garolim Tidal Power Project
Taeyun Kim
Ocean Energy: Fuel Cells and More
Chitin Enhances Power Production in Sediment Microbial Fuel Cells
Lewis Hsu
Apparatus and Theory of a Submerged Point Absorber using Oscillating Water Column
Seung Kwan Song
Marine Micropile Anchor Systems for Marine Renewable Energy Applications
Dallas Meggitt
Numerical Modeling and Simulation 3
Direct Simulations of Breaking Ocean Waves with Data Assimilation
Douglas Dommermuth
Application of the Method of Moment and Monte-Carlo Simulation to Extract Oil Spill Areas from Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
Tae Ho Kim
Research on six-degree-of-freedom motion modeling and simulation of single point moored ship
Yuanhui Wang
Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors 4
Expendable CTD Sensor
Stephen Wood
Advances in Moored Upward Looking Sonar Systems for Long Term Measurement of Arctic Ice and Oceanography
Rene Chave
Magnetic Field Surveys of Coastal Waters Using an AUV-towed Magnetometer
Manhar Dhanak
A deep-sea drilling rig MEMS gyroscope random drift error correction method
Yi Gao
Sep 25
3:30 PM
4:50 PM
Sound Propagation and Scattering
Bubble number densities in the wake of a propeller and a pump jet ship
Steve Stanic
Accurate FDTD Analysis of Underwater Acoustic Modal Equation Using Transparent Source
Yongjune Kim
Computationally Efficient Simulation of Underwater Acoustic Communication Systems
Parastoo Qarabaqi
Localization of underwater tone noise sources using instantaneous frequency rate estimate
Lingji Xu
Posters 4
An Agile Single Board Quadrotor Providing "Eye in the Sky" Capabilities for Marine Environments
Mohammed Raju Hossain
Monitoring Dissolved Oxygen in New Jersey Coastal Waters Using Autonomous Gliders: Multi-year Trends and Event Response
Josh Kohut
GPU Accelerated Post-Processing for Multifrequency Biplanar Interferometric Imaging
Pingfan Meng
Unmanned Recovery of an AUV from a Surface Platform
Edoardo Sarda
Design and implementation of a new low-cost subsurface mooring system for efficient data recovery
Xiaoyang Xu
A Fast SAS Image Simulator Based on HPR algorithm
Zhaotong Zhu
Feature extraction based on vector hydrophone in the waveguide environment
Lanyue Zhang
Channel as seen by an Argo Float: Study from Arabian Sea
Feng Zhou
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Sep 26
8:20 AM
10:00 AM
Remotely Operated Vehicle Design
A Soft Unmanned Underwater Vehicle with augmented thrust capability
Francesco Giorgio Serchi
Mini-ROVs, Going Where No ROV Has Gone Before
Sheldon Rubin
PoseiDRONE: design of a soft-bodied ROV with crawling, swimming and manipulation ability
Francesco Giorgio Serchi
Design of Modular Camera Tool for Mini Underwater ROVs
Michael Poretti
Development of a Large Flow-rate High Speed On/Off Valve for Underwater Hydraulic Ejection System
Linyi Gu
Classification and Pattern Recognition 1
Study of feature vector differentiation optimization for classification based on PAC and LDA
Xiangdong Jiang
Experimental Results on Target Characters of Divers
Zongxin Sun
D-Day Beach Survey
Andy Sherrell
Acoustic Telemetry and Communication 4
Non-linear Doppler Scaling Correction in Underwater Acoustic Channels: Analysis and Simulation
Chung Him (George) Yuen
Natural Language-Based Correction Method for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Communications
Dean Edwards
A Mobile Communications Gateway for AUV Telemetry
Matthew Grund
Low-frequency source for very long-range underwater communication
Maxence Rioblanc
Full-duplex, multi-user and parameter reconfigurable underwater acoustic communication modem
Gang Qiao
Systems and Observatories 5
Development of Specialized Tools for Biological Assessment Using Split Beam Hydroacoustics
Eric Munday
Cabled Observing Stations for Remote Locations
Martin Hofmann
Development of a scientific instrument interface module for cabled seafloor observatories based on industrial control technology
Fengzhong Qu
Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation with Acoustic Coupling for Underwater Acoustic Detection System
Zhanlong Yang
Vehicle Performance
Kinematic Walking and Posture Control of CR200 for Subsea Exploration in Tidal Current
Gyeong-mok Lee
Investigation of Non-uniform Waterjet Pump Inflow for a Range of Ship Speeds
Phillip Duerr
Continuous Autonomous Tracking and Imaging of White Sharks and Basking Sharks Using a REMUS-100 AUV
Gwyneth Packard
A Viscous Flow Solver for Time-Dependent Free Surface Calculations
Geoffrey Cowles
AUV Operations 1
Diver Relative UUV Navigation for Joint Human-Robot Operations
Andrew Streenan
Two-Dimensional Mapping and Tracking of a Coastal Upwelling Front by an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Yanwu Zhang
Integration of a Polarity-Preserving Chirp Subbottom Profiler into the NIUST AUV Eagle Ray
Max Woolsey
Using AUV-Acquired Survey Data to Derive a Magnetic Model for a Surface Vessel
Eric Wolbrecht
Site Reconnaissance Surveys for Oil Spill Research using Deep-Sea AUVs.
Arne Diercks
Sep 26
8:20 AM
10:00 AM
Getting Hired into the Ocean Engineering / Ocean Sciences Industry
Dynamic Positioning
Thrust Allocation for Dynamic Positioning Vessel based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Yuanhui Wang
A MDS-based localization algorithm for underwater wireless sensor network
Hua-bin Chen
Robust Adaptive Dynamic Surface Path Tracking Control for Dynamic Positioning Vessel with Big Plough
Mingyu Fu
Ocean Exploration 2020: A National Forum Panel Discussion
Vehicle Navigation 1
Optimized path planning for marine vehicle considering uncertainty
Aníbal Matos
Real time autonomous navigation of P-SURO II AUV in a partially known environment
Ji-Hong Li
Rao-blackwellised Particle Filter SLAM with Consistent Mapping for AUVs
Rui Nian
Study on the calibration method of USBL system based on ray tracing
Zhao Li
The HUGIN AUV Terrain Navigation Module
Kjetil Anonsen
Data Visualization 1
Designing Improved Sediment Transport Visualizations
Christopher Englert
Navigational chart linear feature generalization with B-Spline Snakes
Dandan Miao
Human Use Characterization and Visualization in Marine Spatial Planning Efforts in the Northeast
Kate Longley
Developing Satellite-based Tool for Water Turbidity Mapping in the Arabian Gulf: Abu Dhabi Case Study
Imen Gherboudj
Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors 5
TRIAXYS Next Wave II - The Evolution of Wave Measurements
Chad MacIsaac
A Rigging of a USBL Transceiver for Use on a Seismic Vessel
Hélène Tonchia
Ad-Hoc Multi-hop Underwater Optical Network for Deep Ocean Monitoring
Cody Youngbull
Mapping of Seafloor Radionuclides off Miyagi using a Towed Gamma Ray Spectrometer
Blair Thornton
Sep 26
8:20 AM
10:00 AM
Acoustical Oceanography
Sound Speed Profile Estimation by Multi-static Configuration
Hisashi Shiba
Versatile Lab Testbed for Underwater Sensor Networks
Yishan Su
Depth-Dependency of Bulb Implosions as a Low-Frequency Sound Source
Sungho Cho
Simulation Study on Cross-Layer Design for Energy Conservation in Underwater Acoustic Networks
Hefeng Dong
Path Planning of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Optimal Acoustic Tomography
Ming Zhang
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Sep 26
10:30 AM
11:50 AM
Remotely Operated Vehicle Manipulators
Advanced Telerobotic Underwater Manipulation Using Virtual Fixtures and Haptic Rendering
Fredrik Ryden
A method of inverse kinematics of a 7-Function underwater Hydraulic manipulator
Liangqing Huo
Development of a Hollow Axis Swing Cylinder for the Elbow Joint of 7 Function Hydraulic Manipulator
Linyi Gu
Design and Experiments of a Deep-sea Hydraulic Manipulator System
Jun Chen
Classification and Pattern Recognition 2
Sonar Indpendent ATR
Oliver Daniell
Automated Marine Mammal Detection From Aerial Imagery
Luis Mejias Alvarez
Target maneuver onset time detection using acoustic features
Jiansheng Tang
Acoustic Telemetry and Communication 5
MIMO-OFDM acoustic communications in shallow water
Lan Zhang
Hardware Implementation of Underwater Acoustic Localization System for Bridge Scour Monitoring
Zengli Yang
Underwater Acoustic Channel Characterization at 6kHz and 12kHz in a Shallow Water Near Jeju Island
Sea-Moon Kim
A Full duplex based protocol for underwater acoustic communication network
Xuefei Ma
Marine Education and Outreach 1
Robotics Competitions and Professional Societies: How do we improve the workforce readiness of our students?
Deidre Sullivan
D.E.E.P. Learning: Promoting Informal STEM Learning through Ocean Research Video Games
Cheryl Peach
SENSE IT - Student created water quality sensors
Liesl Hotaling
Using Real-World Data to Increase Students' Scientific Literacy
James Brey
Vehicle Design 1
Design Challenges of a next generation Lightweight AUV
Jon Crowell
The Development of a Robust Autonomous Surface Craft for Deployment in Harsh Ocean Environment
Zhi Li
Design and Fabrication of a 1m Titanium Sphere for 4000m Ocean Depth
Douglas Pargett
Maneuverability Design and Analysis of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Deep-sea Hydrothermal Plume Survey
Ruiwen YI
AUV Operations 2
MBARI Dorado AUV's Scientific Results
Duane Thompson
Chasing Fish: Tracking and control in a autonomous multi-vehicle real-world experiment
João Sousa
Recharging autonomous underwater vehicles from ambient wave induced motions
Nicholas Townsend
Passive AUV Tracking using Sound Produced by Shrimps
Md Jahangir Alam
Sep 26
10:30 AM
11:50 AM
Catalyzing Innovation, Catalyzing markets: The Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE and the Ocean Services Industry
San Diego Maritime History
NOAA Town Hall on Systematic Telepresence-Enabled Ocean Exploration
Vehicle Navigation 2
Spline Navigation and Reactive Collision Avoidance with COLREGs for ASVs
Bruno Ferreira
Adaptive Cleaning of Oil Spills by Autonomous Vehicles under Partial Information
Junnan Song
Deliberative Optimization of Reactive Agents (DORA) for Autonomous Navigation
Anthony Jones
SLAM and a Novel Loop Closure Detection for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Rui Nian
Data Visualization 2
Marine Observation Framework Using ICT for Mariculture in Indonesia
Masaaki Wada
Using Tablets for Increasing Data Collection to Improve Dive Efficiency
Michael Max
Marine Security and Defense 1
Mobile Adhoc Network of Waterborne Sensors for Enhanced Maritime Security
Nathan Whittenton
Threat Modeling for Sensor Optimization
David Krout
Monostatic Vessel Detection Statistics from the CODAR SeaSonde
Collin Dobson
Underwater Target Tracking with Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Hongjian Wang
Sep 26
10:30 AM
11:50 AM
Oceanography 1
A Modern Coastal Erosion Investigation: Kapa'a Beach, Kaua'i
Christopher Goody
Oceanography on Saturn's Moon, Titan
Ralph Lorenz
Nonlinear spectra of shallow water waves
Yury Stepanyants
Weibull Statistics in Ocean Analysis and Prediction
Peter Chu
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Sep 26
1:20 PM
3:00 PM
Remotely Operated Vehicle Controls
Automated visual servoing for close inspection using low cost, man-portable vehicles
Scott Reed
Control Architecture for Stable Gait of a Six-legged Subsea Robot CR200
Banghyun Kim
OROCOS based control software of the new developed MARUM HybridROV for under ice applications
Gerrit Meinecke
Depth Control of Remotely Operated Vehicles Using Nonsingular Fast Terminal Sliding Mode Control Method
Linyi Gu
Development of a Hydraulic Propulsion System Controlled by Proportional Pressure Valves for the 4500m Work-class ROV
Feng Zhou
Model Based Signal Processing
Parametrically Adaptive Wavenumber Processing for Mode Tracking in a Shallow Ocean Experiment
James Candy
Matched-field Source Localization via Statistical Covariance Matching
Yue Zhou
Second Order Divided Difference Filter applied in Underwater Bearing Only Target Tracking
Hongjian Wang
Tracking high-speed source based on moving source acoustic field model in shallow ocean environment
Jinyan Du
Acoustic Telemetry and Communication 6
Random Linear Packet Coding for Fading Channels
Rameez Ahmed
Nonbinary LDPC Code for Noncoherent Underwater Acoustic Communication and Its Experiment Results
Yanbo Wu
Improving coherent tonal detection with phase interpolation and compensation
Shaohua Chen
Underwater Acoustic Imaging with Spatial Cross Correlation for Weak Noise Source Identification
Hu Yang
Marine Education and Outreach 2
Visualizing Oceans of Data: Educational Interface Design
Ruth Krumhansl
COSEE Engagement of Ocean Research Community
Liesl Hotaling
PSM-COAST: A Master's Program for Professionals in Marine Science and Technology
Steven Lohrenz
Vehicle Design 2
Development of I-SPIDER: a towed platform for video survey and instrument placement
Max Woolsey
MARIUS Project: Design of a sail robot for oceanographic missions
Philippe Courmontagne
Folding Propeller Design and Analysis for A Hybrid Driven Underwater Glider
Zhier Chen
A Hybrid Underwater Glider for Underwater Docking
Shilin Peng
First Field-Test of Seabed Walking Robot CR200
Bong Huan Jun
AUV Operations 3
Autonomous Inspection using an Underwater 3D Lidar
Dan McLeod
Applications of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) to Ocean Mining Exploration
William Senke
Positioning and Control of an AUV inside a water pipeline for non-contact in-service Inspection
Unnikrishnan Painumgal
The General Design and Field Trial of a Seafloor Surveying AUV System
Liang Hao
Sep 26
1:20 PM
3:00 PM
International Business Special Session: US Export Control Reform Affecting the Maritime Industry
Everything You Didn't Know to Ask about Ships to Reefs
Vehicle Navigation 3
Autonomous Control and Simulation of the VideoRay Pro III Vehicle Using MOOS and IvP Helm
Anthony Spears
Hybrid Baseline Localization for Portable AUV Navigation
Eric Wolbrecht
Using integro-differential operators on low cost underwater autonomous vehicles
Paulo Oliveira
Improving terrain navigation by concurrent tidal and sound speed error estimation
Ove Hagen
Some Algorithms of Cooperative AUV Navigation with Mobile Surface Beacon
Alexander Scherbatyuk
Marine Geology and Geodesy
A Geometric Approach of Passive Shrimp Estimation
Md Jahangir Alam
Investigations of Marine Geohazards in Coastal Zones
Todd Mitchell
Hydroacoustic mapping system for quantitative identification of aquatic macrophytes, substrate composition, and shallow water bathymetric surveying
Eric Munday
Dynamical simulation and analysis of the tidal current field in Yellow Sea during Younger Dryas Period
Minhui Zheng
Marine Security and Defense 2
Safety and Security Applications for Micro-Unmanned Surface Vessels
Anthony Mulligan
Bistatic Vessel Detection with the CODAR SeaSonde
Hugh Roarty
A Multistage Tracker for Distributed Sensor Fields
Evan Hanusa
Development of an Unmanned Capsule for Large-Scale Maritime Search and Rescue
Nuno Cruz
Sep 26
1:20 PM
3:00 PM
Oceanography 2
Hypoxic Intrusions to Puget Sound from the Ocean
R. Deppe
OES Standards Initiative
Kenneth Foote
Multidisciplinary approach to assess potential risk of mortality of benthic ecosystems facing climate change in the NW Mediterranean Sea
Ivane Pairaud
Design of Eco Blocks for Protection of Submerged Pipeline
JoongWoo Lee
Short Term Forecast of the Evaporation Duct for the West Pacific Ocean
Yang Shi
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Sep 26
3:30 PM
4:50 PM
Sep 26
3:30 PM
4:50 PM
Sep 26
3:30 PM
4:50 PM
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