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Advance registration deadline is 26 July.
Full registration includes access to exhibits, technical sessions and all social functions. Prices for various registration categories are provided at the bottom of this page.  

The deadline for Advance Registration discount is July 26 (online or by mail prior to 11:59 PM GMT).

There are three ways to register for the OCEANS conference:
     - as Corresponding Author;
     - as Attendee (including non-corresponding authors),
     - as Exhibitor.
Please read below to see which method you should use.

The Plenary session and exhibit halls are free (registration required).

Tutorials can be attended without registering for the full conference.  If you want to attend a tutorial, but are not registering for the full conference, or if you have already registered but want to add a tutorial, please proceed through the on-line Registration process, selecting the tutorial only, but not an attendee registration category.

MILITARY in Uniform are Free:  Military personnel in uniform, please register for the free exhibits.   You will be admitted to all technical programs at no cost while in uniform. 

Corresponding Author of a Conference Paper or Student Poster

If you are the corresponding author of a conference paper or of a student poster and have been notified that your abstract has been accepted, please follow the login instructions contained in your acceptance email and on the Author's Instructions page.

These instructions will take you through the paper upload process, including copyright, PDF eXpress, and Paper Registration. You will be registering for the conference as part of the Paper Registration process, so please do not use the Attendee registration page linked in the next section.

Conference Attendees Not Submitting Papers

Conference attendees who are not submitting papers register here. Registration is required even if you plan to attend only the exhibition portion of OCEANS'13 MTS/IEEE San Diego. The Exhibition Hall admission is free.

Registration is also required for tutorials and other conference events.


For Exhibitor Registration, please follow this link:

Questions, Changes, Additions?

For questions regarding registration, please email oceansreg@ieee.org

Go to Events for a list of special events and activities.  

To add additional optional events after you have already registered, email oceansreg@ieee.org.

For questions regarding registration, please email oceansreg@ieee.org or call:   
   - US and Canada: 
+ 1 800 810 4333 
   - US and International (direct line): +1 732 465 7810

Cancellations or requests for refunds must be received in writing on or before August 23, 2013. A processing fee of US$100 will be deducted from each registration cancelled by August 23, 2013. No refunds will be issued for any cancellations received after August 23, 2013; however, transfer of registration to another person in your organization may be possible; send all requests to oceansreg@ieee.org and include "Conference Cancellation" in the subject line.

Rates are in U.S. dollars

    US Dollars US Dollars

Full Registration

  Advance After
Member   $ 585.00 $ 700.00
Non-Member   $ 660.00 $ 775.00
Student Member (No social functions)   $ 115.00 $ 140.00
Student Non-Member (No social functions)   $ 165.00 $ 195.00
Student Member (Includes all social functions)   $ 330.00 $ 355.00
Student Non-Member (Includes all social functions)   $ 380.00 $ 410.00
Emeritus    $ 115.00 $ 115.00

One Day Registration

Member   $  235.00 $  280.00
Non-Member   $  265.00 $  310.00
Student Member   $    55.00 $    65.00
Student Non-Member   $    75.00 $    85.00
IEEE Life or MTS Emeritus Member   $    75.00 $    75.00

Tutorial Full Day

Member   $  295.00 $  350.00
Non-Member   $  345.00 $  400.00
Student Member   $  295.00 $  350.00
Student Non-Member   $  295.00 $  350.00

Tutorial Half Day

Member   $  205.00 $  245.00
Non-Member   $  255.00 $  295.00
Student Member   $  205.00 $  245.00
Student Non-Member   $  205.00 $  245.00

Paper Fee

Member   $  585.00 $  700.00
Non-Member   $  660.00 $  775.00
Emeritus   $  115.00 $  140.00


  $ 2,950.00 $ 3,150.00

Exhibits/Plenary Session


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