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Exhibitors' In-water Demonstrations in San Diego Bay

Thursday, Sept. 26, 1000-1400

Oceans2013 will provide bus service to take you to San Diego Bay to see Exhibitors’ live demonstrations of their products in action. These will be either dockside or aboard survey boat LOCATOR with WinFrog navigation donated by Fugro Pelagos.

  Survey Boat LOCATOR offshore Coronado  

The bus will leave from and return to the front of the Atlas Foyer (Registration), traveling to Point Loma Marina,Slip 208.Point Loma Marina is San Diego's newest marina and is located in Shelter Island's America's Cup Harborat4980 N. Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92106. Several restaurants are adjacent to the Marina including Jimmy's Famous American Tavern.  It is a 10-15 minute trip to/from the harbor.
There is no limit on how many can attend. The bus holds 30 people and will be making continuous loops between the convention center and the marina. No need to reserve; just sign up at the participating booths, or at the bus stop outside the Atlas Foyer and hop on the bus on Thursday, Sept. 26th between 10am and 1:30pm. 


The demonstrations include:

  • Ocean Sonics (Booth 404) who will be showing their “smart” hydrophones
  • RBR (Booth 416) who will be demonstrating the latest in physical oceanographic sensors
  • Video Ray (Booth 708) will be demonstrating their Micro ROVs
  • Teledyne Blueview  (Booth 204) is showing off their new generation of high-resolution sonar imaging
The bus will cycle back-and-forth to allow participants to see any or all of the open-water live demonstrations. A volunteer will be standing in the Foyer near a “In-Water Demonstrations” sign to provide updates, and maintain the master sign-up list to be certain when there’s room for you.

In-water demo Chairs: Jerry Wilson (email or call +1-858-945-1339), Brock Rosenthal

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